Sign in is blockchain-agnostic, meaning that you can build and deploy NFT dApps on any blockchain. We are already working hard on looping in the first chains, and in the future we hope to have at least 20 integrations. Here is what you can expect.

Easy deployment on different chains without coding

In one of our recent posts, we explained how allows users to deploy NFT dApps on any blockchain with just a few clicks — and then migrate them to other chains as needed. Here we’ll include only a short description of the process:

1) First you select an…

Everyone can build NFT dApps on even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, you can start an NFT marketplace, for example. Everyone can use the dApps created with even if you hold coins on one blockchain and the dApp is deployed on another. Inclusiveness is a key advantage of — read on to find out what we mean by that.

Why exclusivity is a big problem for the blockchain space

From the start, blockchain development has been an exclusive space. As Ethereum grew into the largest smart contract platform powering 90%+ of…

Just because Ethereum is bigger and more familiar doesn’t mean it’s better. We’ll definitely integrate Ethereum into our codeless NFT dApp platform, — together with 10+ other blockchains — but if you plan to create an NFT app, you’d better consider the alternatives.

The first mover advantage

As explained by Wikipedia, ‘First-mover advantage enables a company or firm to establish strong brand recognition, customer loyalty, and early purchase of resources before other competitors enter the market segment.’

That’s exactly what happened with Ethereum. It’s the original smart contract platform, it hosted the vast majority of ICOs back in the… allows you to build NFT dApps for very different audiences and markets. In this post, we’ve collected our favorite use cases — some of them may surprise you!

How works: a short reminder

Sometimes people ask what our ‘NFT dApp’ will do. The answer is that XP.Network isn’t a dApp — it’s a platform for creating NFT dApps. What’s more it’s blockchain-agnostic: we are building on Polkadot, but you as an user will be able to design and deploy your application on just about any blockchain, be it Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, Elrond, etc.

The best part is…

Parachains are the core element of the Polkadot architecture, so the fact that the first parachain auction was successfully completed on June 22 on Kusama — an experimental network for Polkadot — is hugely important. This is a good moment to look at how parachains and auctions work.

What’s a parachain?

Polkadot is often called ‘the internet of blockchains’ because it can, indeed, host hundreds of different chains, all working in parallel. Each individual blockchain is called a parachain, or a parathread (we’ll explain the difference later in this post).

Parachains can exchange assets and data, so that you’ll be… is pleased to announce the completion of a highly successful pre-sale round, led by a number of well-known players among the 60+ investors. We are also adding four prominent advisors to our board.

About and the funding round

For months, we’ve been working hard on the first true blockchain-agnostic platform for building NFT dApps, As our vision is inching closer to reality, we are very proud and honored that so many of the leading blockchain experts and investors have realized the value of our project. gives non-tech founders the power to create great NFT apps without… allows NFT dApp creators to deploy their projects on any blockchain, regardless of the programming language it uses. This is possible thanks to the amazing interoperability features of Polkadot — but that’s not the only advantage.

Substrate vs. Polkadot vs. Ethereum

First of all, a short intro for those of you who are still unfamiliar with Polkadot. It’s often called ‘the internet of blockchains’, and for a reason: a sharded network made of many individual parachains and parathreads, each with its own terms, consensus, fees, and so forth. …

We are extremely pleased to announce a partnership with Elrond — a fast and scalable blockchain that can process over 15,000 transactions per second. Together,’s powerful no-code dApp building features and Elrond’s amazing throughput are bound to produce explosive synergy.

“The first bridge between Elrond and a Substrate-based blockchain is an important step towards a financial system where value can freely flow through a heterogeneous technological landscape. has been pushing hard and building at an outstanding pace. We look forward to seeing their first NFT dApps deployed on our mainnet.” said Beniamin Mincu, Elrond Network CEO.

In our…

$XPNET is your key to the full functionality of, the first Polkadot-based platform where you can build NFT dApps without writing a single line of code. Here’s what you should know about our native token, its use cases, and allocation.

$XPNET use cases

We are currently preparing for the $XPNET pre-sale (you can sign up here), so we thought it’s time to give you an overview of the tokenomics of Let’s start with the main functions of our native token:

  • NFT dApp deployment fees;
  • Transaction fees generated by the dApps built using … is one of the first projects to implement the no-code principles on blockchain: we let entrepreneurs without any coding skills build quality NFT dApps on any blockchain. Here’s why it’s such a powerful idea.

The rise of no-code

If you’ve never heard of the No-Code movement, then you’ve been missing out on one of the most exciting and disruptive trends in the technology space. For decades, software engineers kept entrepreneurs convinced that the only way to build apps is by paying lots of money to professional devs — but things are changing.

You’re actually familiar with at least one… is a platform to experiment with and deploy NFT DApps on different chains including Facebook’s Diem, Polkadot, Ethereum, and more

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