NFT’s took the leap in the 2022 Super Bowl

The last doubts about NFTs presence in the current zeitgeist burst into a glamorous cloud of sweat, energy drinks, and commercial airtime in this year’s Super Bowl. Months ago, if you ask the biggest enthusiast about NFTs presence in the 2022 Super Bowl, they would join the skeptics saying, “maybe Snoop Dogg? he’s really into it”. Fast forward to last Monday’s Los Angeles Rams VS Cincinnati Bengals clash (GO, RAMS!), and suddenly they’re unavoidable. Here’s how the beloved all-American pass time utilized, promoted, and embraced decentralized technology – Potentially cementing it to stay here for good.

Apes, apps, and beers!

Fact – the Super Bowl is one of the most expensive time slots for commercials. With a starting price of $6.5 million for 30 seconds, going up to $28 million, this desirable slot was reserved for the biggest successful names around. Economic superpowers, showing off their newest products and services on every satellite connect screen in the civilized world.

The cross US and internationally broadcast sports event featured several cameos, turning the digital assets craze from a passing trend to a true pop culture icon. So, let’s go through some of the conspicuous ones.

Except for the obvious presence of crypto companies like FTX (Well, hello there, Larry David!),, and Coinbase, this year’s commercial breaks were teeming with subtle and not-so-subtle NFT references.

Eagle-eyed viewers could notice a Bored Ape in the eToro commercial. And of course, no one could miss the Noun NFT glasses featuring in the Bud Light commercial – A Cooperation they built up to festively in their Twitter account.

But let’s get practical.

Pop culture recognition aside – the Super Bowl was an excellent use case for the actual real-world utility of NFT on a major scale event. During this season, The NFL gifted fans with 250,000 NFTs. As these tickets were always considered a desired collectible, the Super Bowl seemed like the perfect opportunity to give the collectors the next stage of its evolution.

This year’s Super Bowl attendees received an NFT ticket, minted on the Polygon blockchain, and served as a great test case to further utilization of blockchain-based ticketing systems.

So what’s the bottom line?

Although the public discourse was mostly about how pointless and unclear its part in our lives is, the world of NFTs is constantly and exponentially growing. Its embrace by pop culture icons like Snoop Dogg was just the start, or maybe the nod of approval others needed to explore and see for themselves about the benefits involved.

And so, the paradigm shift begins with a real-life test case, and no one can deny NFTs impact on our lives as we see history happen right in front of our eyes.



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