2 min readFeb 18, 2022



XP.NETWORK is delighted and proud to announce A strategic partnership with the Aurora blockchain, which bolstered its inter-chain capabilities by integrating the multi-chain NFT bridge into its ecosystem.

About Aurora:

Aurora is an EVM built on the NEAR Protocol, providing a solution for developers to deploy their apps on an Ethereum-compatible, high-performance platform with low transaction costs for their users. Its blockchain is connected directly to the NEAR blockchain through Aurora’s inter-chain transfers platform, the Rainbow Bridge, which provides an easy pass directly to the Ethereum blockchain. Its Ethereum infrastructure, in addition to a generous grant program, brought many innovative initiatives to find a warm home for their decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, and dApps in the Aurora ecosystem – Which currently supports dozens of tokens backed by over 70 DeFis, DAO, and decentralized projects.


XP.NETWORK is creating the solutions to turn the growing NFT market into an accessible and easy-to-use place. One of our most notable tools is the XP.NETWORK’s bridge – The first chain-agnostic bridge built especially to let NFTs and funds flow freely between networks and wallets while avoiding complications like currency differences and token standards. The bridge is already integrated by over a dozen blockchains like Tron and Polygon, several NFT platforms like Opulous and EXA finance, connecting more and more prominent ecosystems and projects, and opening doors to new markets for the entire NFT community.

About the partnership:

Aurora’s infrastructure and easy access to the Ethereum blockchain made it a very attractive option for NFT centered projects to set up shop and become a part of the Aurora ecosystem. With this partnership, the XP.NETWORK multi-chain bridge is integrated into the Aurora ecosystem, significantly increasing its cross-chain NFT capabilities.

With joined forces, XP.NETWORK multi-chain bridge and Aurora’s inter-chain transfers platform, the Rainbow Bridge, is bringing the advantages of an Ethereum infrastructure to more NFT initiatives, creators, and dealers than ever.

«This partnership is an exciting advancement for the entire blockchain world and a massive leap for the whole NFT market. Aurora’s team has a lot of mileage and experience. We have zero doubts that these veterans are ideal partners to the journey ahead.» Nir Blumberger, XP.NETWORK CEO




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